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No More 6% Commissions

Should it really cost you 6% of your home's value for a real estate agent to sell it? We don't think so!

Does a real estate agent have to work twice as hard to sell a $300,000 home than a $150,000 home? Of course not! Then why do agents charge twice as much to sell a $300,000 home than a $150,000 home?

Port St Lucie Realty's mission is to bring down the high cost of selling a home.

$7,500 Flat Fee

Port St Lucie Realty charges a flat fee of only $7,500 whether you have a $300,000 home or a $150,000 home. No upfront fees or transaction fees are added. Just a flat fee of $7,500 due at closing which pays for our listing services ($2,500) and the buyer's agent's commission ($5,000).

Full Service

Don’t let the cost savings fool you. We manage the entire home selling process from listing to closing. You get everything you would expect from a real estate agent, but for a low flat fee.

We will help you accurately price your home, market it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and numerous other websites, install a sign, show your home to potential buyers, schedule appointments with other agents to show buyers your home, negotiate and assist you through closing.

90 Day Listing

We also don't require you to sign a long term listing agreement like most Realtors® do. We only list homes for 90 days. If we can't sell your home within 90 days we can simply go our separate ways.


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We Help Buyers Pay Their Closing Costs

Would you like to buy a home and receive $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 at closing? Well, now you can with our Home Buyer Credit program.

Our Home Buyer Credit program works like this;

(1) You search online for homes for sale using Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, etc.

(2) We will send you emails of new listings that come on the market that meet your criteria.

(3) You view the photos and information about each property and narrow down your home choices and then contact us to show you the homes you want to view in person.

By doing the house hunting online yourself it will save us time and in return we will pay you the entire amount of our commission above $5,000 that we are paid at closing which you can use to pay your closing costs.

Home Buyer Credit

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Find Your Dream Home

Did you know that there are many homes for sale right now that are a perfect match for you, however you don't know about them and either do most Realtors? We specialize in helping buyers find these homes. Your dream home could be available to you right now, however you don't know about it, but we do.

Port St Lucie Specialists

Port St Lucie Realty specializes exclusively in Port St Lucie and will use their knowledge of the area to help you find the perfect home at the perfect price.

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If you have good credit and plan to buy a home, townhome or condo in Port St Lucie within the next 60 days call us at (772) 678-2980.