Port St Lucie Realty

Why Pay A Flat Fee?

Because paying a commission of a percentage of the price of your home does not make sense.

You wouldn't pay your attorney, accountant, contractor or any other service provider a fee based on the value of your home, would you? Of course you wouldn't!

Then why pay a real estate agent a percentage of the value of your home?

A percentage commission does not get a buyer to pay more for your home.

It Doesn't Make Sense!

It doesn't take a real estate agent more time, work or money to sell a more expensive home. So why does the owner of a $400,000 home pay a commission of $24,000 and the owner of a $200,000 home only pay $12,000? Does that make sense? Of course not!

* Commision indicated above is based on a commission of 6% of the purchase price.

Times Have Changed!

The Internet has changed how people buy and sell homes which saves real estate agents time and money, however they are not passing those savings to their clients.

Port St Lucie Realty utilizes technology and the Internet to provide the same service as any real estate agent, but at a fair price which saves their clients thousands of dollars.

Why $10,000?

The $10,000 flat fee was determined by the following information.

The average price of a Port St Lucie home is approximately $250,000 and many listing agents offer buyers agents a commission of 2.5% of the purchase price which would be $6,250.

* At the time of conducting the study on the average commission offered to buyer's agents in Port St Lucie approximately 50% of the listings offered a commission of 2.5% to buyer's agents.

Therefore, based on this information a commission paid to a buyer's agent of $6,250 is appropriate and acceptable to real estate agents in the Port St Lucie real estate market.

Since it is typically less work to list a home than work with buyers we believe the buyer's agent should be paid more, therefore we offer buyer's agent's a fee of $6,500 and our fee as the listing broker is only $3,500.

Also, since it takes the same amount of time to sell a $250,000 home as it does a $200,000 or a $400,000 home, Port St Lucie Realty believes a flat fee is appropriate.

Buyer's Agent: $6,500 + Listing Agent: $3,500 = $10,000

Due to this information we feel a flat fee of $10,000 is fair.